In her coaching practice, Annikki Brown is a Wellness Warrior.  She coaches groups, couples and individual leaders who are stuck, working with them to find and pursue their own special purpose and unique version of wellness and unleash their unique and powerful gifts into the world.  She partners with her clients to create their dreams by providing them with reflection, tools, and accountability to have them get out of their own way.  To everything that she does in her work, Annikki brings her core values of Wisdom, Love and Adventure.

Annikki began her career as a Cayman Islands Attorney following her legal education in England.  Her practice of local law led to her being offered the position of Country Manager and Legal Counsel to Generali Worldwide (at their General Agent, International Healthcare Solutions) in the Cayman Islands and is an active member and previous Deputy Chair of the Health Insurance Standing Committee of the Cayman Islands Insurance Association. The Wellness debate in the Health Insurance industry prompted Annikki to explore a new direction.  She discovered on this journey of personal development a passion for Wellness and for Coaching.  She completed the Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program in New York and set up the Be Coaching Group.  She sees no boundaries to the mission of Wellness and incorporates her vision into her work as a coach and as a leader in the Health Insurance industry.

Annikki takes you on her journey where she evolved through vulnerability, risk, and possibility -- unable to walk. Having discovered her path to purpose, Annikki shares her steps towards whole wellness in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


Founder of 'meaningful work' business incubator "50th Generation", Carrie Bedingfield is an entrepreneur, business communication expert, investor and guest lecturer at Cambridge University Judge Business School. Carrie founded marketing and communication consultancy, Onefish Twofish, aged 25 and clients now include BBC Worldwide, Kraft Food, Pearson and many fast growth companies like Unboxed Consulting and Handle. Onefish Twofish is the forerunner and test ground for 50th Generation principle of creating meaningful work.
She is the author of two books on business communication and marketing and the creator of Clean Communications - an emotionally neutral and self responsible way to communicate at work. Carrie divides her time between 50th Generation, supporting with Onefish Twofish and its clients, writing her forthcoming book, working with key clients and getting involved in research, teaching and mentoring at the Cambridge University Judge Business School. She is a prolific runner, cyclist and rower.

What happens when we escape the prison of high expectations and perfect personal performance? What happens when we are fueled by love and abundance instead of fear and scarcity? What happens when this is transferred to business? Carrie Bedingfield tells us how to create money and meaning in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


Caine Smith is an entrepreneur, thought leader and founder of Atelier Experience Design. Caine creates exciting experiences for some of the worlds largest brands, including cruise lines, theme parks, ski resorts and online communities. 

After 10 years traveling the world in the Cruise industry, Caine turned his attention to technology, where he currently leads teams of designers, engineers, developers and project managers, to deliver game changing products. 

"By integrating the online and offline world, we are able to bring exciting new levels of personalization to consumers."

Atelier takes clients on a journey helping them to realise, achieve and deliver experiences on a new level.

Experience Design is all around us in everything from buying groceries in the supermarket to at the airport catching a flight to buying a house. It is all too often that the simplest of things can create an awful experience for customers. Caine urges us think much more carefully about this process in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


After completing a Bachelor of Education with Honours, Emma Donaldson was given the opportunity to co-ordinate gifted education at an independent school. During this time she developed and now co-directs two neurodiversity education-focused businesses PLIESE Pty Ltd and Colours of Grey Matters. Seeing a gap in education support about Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emma approached Autism Victoria to discuss her ideas and ended up joining the organisation in 2008. Emma says that experiencing the challenges of disability/disadvantage in education drives her to seek better solutions. Emma is passionate about business and sustainable partnerships focussing on inclusion, workplace improvement and community awareness about neurodiversity and has furthered her education completing her EMBA with distinction in 2012. Emma is now consulting between Australia, the US and the Caribbean to assist in the development of education pedagogy, programmes and services based on inclusion strategy, creativity and entrepreneurship.  Recently, she co-founded a sister education, recreation and training company based in the Caribbean. Emma is a qualified adult trainer and lecturer for pre-service and postgraduate diploma teachers and undergraduate psychology students. 

The shift in language regarding special needs and disability and fast changing perspective is at our front door, and now is the time we embrace all of our treasures by connecting to a new way of thinking. Emma continues the conversation about increasing our inclusivity practices, whilst encouraging high order community thinking and idea development from this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


Since 1992, Javier Sanchez has been inspiring and equipping youth and adults to be intentional about adding process to their passion. Javier believes that once you have a vision and a sense of purpose for your life there are almost NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish. 

As an author, performer, and filmmaker, Javier has the opportunity to deliver life building messages to youth and adults all over the planet while keeping them entertained through comedy, spoken word poetry, and powerful stories from his own life.

In 2008 he wrote his first book entitled "Look In My Mirror". It's a very special book for Fathers and Daughters that has taken the world by storm! His follow up is an exciting project for youth and adults entitled From This Moment On: Personal Reminders for Massive Success at School, at Work, at Play, and at Life!

Javier writes, produces, and performs his material at schools, colleges & universities, conferences, corporate, and community events across the United States and around the globe, but the best part about the work he does is finishing up and coming home to his two beautiful children!

A marksman can't hit what they can't see. Many people miss the mark in life because they do not have a clear vision for what they're trying to hit and achieve. Does it really matter what anyone else thinks? Javier asks us to consider this and more in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


Julianne Parolisi, MA, MT-BC, is a Board-Certified Music Therapist and the founder of Cayman Music Therapy, the first music therapy practice in the Cayman Islands. She has a BA from Yale University and a dual Master's Degree in Music Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University.  She has presented her clinical work and guest lectured in the US and Cayman. As a music therapist, Julianne has worked with children who have special needs ranging from moderate to severe, at-risk youth struggling with emotional or behavioral challenges, adolescents within the juvenile justice system, and adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, she has provided music therapy in workplace and community settings to promote wellness, relieve stress, and work on team building. 
Julianne also founded Music Therapy Without Borders, a company that specializes in bringing music therapy services to locations that would not otherwise have access to them. She has led four international music therapy service trips to date, mentoring college and graduate school student volunteers and expanding the reach of the field. It is Julianne’s passion and mission in life to use music and the creative arts as powerful tools to help others tap into their own potential.


Using her passion, experiences, and insights into the creative process, Julianne inspires listeners to use music and the creative arts in their own lives and in their work with others. She envisions a future where the creative arts are an integral part of every educational and professional environment, and lights the way in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.

Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim

Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim is currently one of the most influential, multi-talented female leaders in the Caribbean. A children’s author, illustrator, poet, master storyteller, international speaker and women’s advocate, she is best known for the dramatic rescue of her six children from the Kingdom of Jordan in 2011. 
Pioneering children’s media in Cayman, she is the CEO of ContessaBlack Entertainment and the creator of Cayman’s first culturally-inspired children's media properties, Kaa Kaa & Tokyo and Caymanians in the Kingdom. A multi-genre author, she has over 19 books forthcoming. She is the sole professional Caymanian cartoonist and is the Founding Patron of the Big Draw KY, which is part of the Global Campaign for Drawing. She was recently bestowed the country’s highest award for creativity, the CNCF’s Silver Star for her work as an author, illustrator, storyteller, entrepreneur and educator. A profound inspirational speaker, she continually leverages her talents and life experiences to develop children’s media, promote culture, the arts, literacy, and gender equality.


It is imperative that individuals embrace the idea that their capacities are far greater than they realize in order to positively impact their lives and contribute to a better world. Lady Rabia shares the blueprint for unleashing your legend through sharing her own extraordinary stories of overcoming personal challenges and adversity in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


Lisa Sullivan’s passion for early literacy has lasted more than three decades. Lisa earned her Bachelor degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Dakota, her Master of Arts (Reading Specialist) from the University of Sioux Falls and her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Reading from the University of South Dakota. But more important than her training is the experience she brings after 30 years of working with students, teachers, parents and administration improving early literacy.

Lisa was among the initial group of teachers in South Dakota to be trained in the Reading Recovery program, an early literacy program for at-risk first grade students. After 10 years, Lisa became a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader working with over 80 other specially trained educators. She has taught in elementary as well as at the collegiate level (both undergraduate and graduate). While teaching at the University of Sioux Falls, she received the “Outstanding Faculty Award” in 2005. 

Lisa’s body of work recognizes the importance of developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in the current generation of children. And, for Lisa, the place to begin that development is through reading. When students are given opportunities to think deeply and talk with one another about books, they not only become better thinkers, but they become passionate, lifelong learners who contribute to society in positive ways. 

Characters develop on and off the page. Lisa shares how we can help children use the power of thinking about characters in books and the actions they take to gain new experiences. Through story, children can develop the ability to think critically and use this thinking to change the world as Lisa shows in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


Marni Evans built her career up from the ground floor and has earned the kind of success that most building industry professionals only dream of. One of her recent projects shows how far she has come with the sustainability movement and points to what lies ahead. 

With 10,000 occupants, and almost 1 million square feet, Marni was proud to lead the team at Torre Mayor (the second tallest building in Latin America) to achieve LEED EBOM Gold in 2013.  Standing on the roof of the building, looking out over the megacity, she reflected on 14 years of dedication and passion as a sustainability educator and consultant on over 200 projects, helping to save resources, inspire practitioners and transform the building industry for future generations. 

Marni inspires people and connects ideas that ignite sustainability action. Marni shares her personal and professional success stories and makes complex and often confusing technicalities of sustainability understandable.  She brings to the table, top resources for moving to the next generation of development in a humorous, lively and interactive format.

The complex and often confusing technicalities of sustainability should be understandable. Marni brings to the table, top resources for moving to the next generation of development in a humorous, lively and interactive format. Marni inspires people and connects ideas that ignite sustainability action in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.


After winning the 2013 Food & Wine Cayman Cookout Amateur Chef Competition (and working with an 11 year old “Sous Chef” by her side to help her become the Champion), Maureen Cubbon helped launched and is the Lead Instructor for the Budding Chef Cooking Classes for Kids. She knows firsthand that children – when empowered and educated – really will embrace good, wholesome foods; we now need to inspire our community to take a grass roots approach to wellness and lead the way to better health for our future generations.

Maureen was the leader in creating and implementing several local and international community initiatives focused around children’s health such as the Be Active & Eat Smart Program in 2006 and The Project Grow School Garden Program in 2011. She was a founding Member the National Children’s Health Task Force and is also a contributing author to the #1 Bestseller “The Thought that Changed My Life Forever”.  She is an active member of the Slow Food Group in Cayman and is a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach (CCWC), Certified Personal Fitness Chef (CPFC) and a Certified Stress Management Coach (CSMC). 

If we focus on food, our children will flourish. Maureen wants a food revolution in the Cayman Islands. She shares why we need to start moving towards changing our startling statistics of health in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk. Maureen Cubbon helps children discover the benefits of growing and preparing their own food, using the "garden to table" approach as a teaching tool.


Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in the State of Florida and registered as a Mental Health Counsellor with the Council for Professions Allied with Medicine (CPAM) in the Cayman Islands. Taylor is defending her doctoral thesis this March at Barry University, after which time she will receive her Ph.D. in Counselling with a specialty in Marriage, Couples and Family. Her doctoral dissertation is titled, "The Experiences of Mental Health Professionals Counseling Young Survivors of Sexual Abuse in the Cayman Islands."

Taylor currently serves as Deputy Chair of the Mental Health Commission with the Ministry of Health, Youth, Sports, & Culture,
2014-2016.  She was a member of the Mental Health Law Taskforce with the Ministry of Health, Cayman Islands 2010-2013; adjunct professor at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida summer 2008; Twice Past President of Chi Sigma Iota - Counseling academic and professional honor society 2005-2006 & 2007-2008; Chi Sigma Iota International Fellow 2006 - 2007; A National Certified Counsellor (NCC) in the United States; A professional member of the American Counselling Association (ACA); and Fundraising Committee Chair - Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation 2011-2012.  

Taylor is also very proud that she played on the Cayman National Beach Volleyball Team B for the NORCECA (FIVB) Olympic Qualifier 2012.


Sexual abuse creates holes in society through which identity and integrity escape. Using her inside knowledge of what happens behind closed doors, Taylor advocates tackling this psychological and societal behemoth one bucket at a time in this TEDxSevenMileBeach talk.

Miriam provides a moving rendition of "Stay" in this performance at TEDxSevenMileBeach.

Miriam Mascal has been sharing her musical gift with the world from a very young age. She often performs at special events and in competitions where her guests are left delighted and speechless ... standing on their feet.

Tish elegantly expresses authentic emotions in this performance at TEDxSevenMileBeach.

Tish Scott uses the beauty of words to articulate her views of the world around her.